Expat's "A" litter: Insane vd Berlex-Hoeve X Coca Cola Betkin dvor

Mating done November 18-20, 2016

Puppies born January 16, 2017: 4 males and 2 females

Father from Expat "A" litter: 
Insane van de Berlex-Hoeve

Insane is a social and confident dog. He learns very easily and handles without being handler sensitive. His distinguishing feature is his incredible speed and good nerves. He has a great ability to handle himself properly in any stressful situations, very confident in any given environment and can also relax in the house when he is asked to do so.

He has an impressively hard, full and calm grip, shows extreme confidence in fighting the helper and has fast and clean outs. He has appropriate and healthy aggression.
Insane van de Berlex-Hoeve exhibits the typical characteristics of Nero vom Haus Mecki-offspring: speed, good nerves, social and learns very easily.

Video of Insane's protection work at FMBB 2014 World Championship: https://youtu.be/63vgMWyLJk4