Expat's Birka, IGP 3, IFH-V

Born 2018-06-20
Registered with CKC



Birka is a female we kept from our B litter of Coca Cola Betkin dvor and Kaidén van 'tVinzenhof (Belgium). Kaiden, son of Nero vom Haus Mecki, is a powerful sire who shows some impressive behaviour in the protection phase yet is very balanced off the field. 


Birka is coming from a litter of 7 and already at a very young age, she showed a strong character toward her other siblings. She is a forward, driven female with extreme food and ball drives. Like her mom, Birka has an excellent work ethic with never-ending endurance to do anything you ask of her. She has a strong will and sometimes has her own idea of how to perform tasks. It seems that in her vocabulary the “can’t do” is missing, she is motivated to achieve anything she sets her mind at.


Birka shows natural aggression toward the helper yet is compliant to the handler. Her guards are something this girl puts all her heart and soul into.  


Birka is a typical tomboy of the family if you like the comparison, she is full of spit and vinegar and can be dominant toward the other dogs in the family except for her mother. When the time is right she can crawl with you on the couch and watch a movie. She is indifferent to strangers and dogs in public but protective of her own territory. 


Like her mom, Birka has very strong maternal instincts and is very involved in raising her puppies. She is the mother of our D litter which shows good promise in IGP sport. 



Embark DNA profile http://embk.me/birka
OFA prelim hips excellent, elbows normal
OFA full dentition certified
SDCA1 & 2 clear
Dilute-D/D not carrier of "blue" color