Welcome to the Expat Malinois website, we are a hobby CKC registered kennel, located in Southern Ontario, Canada.


Why the name "Expat"? Because we, owners of the kennel, were born abroad, Michaela Bouzkova in Czech Republic, and Anthony Hartelaub in France. 


"Expat" also because our dog breed, the Belgian Shepherd Malinois, originates from Europe, and the sports that have been used to help select the blood lines of our dogs - IGP (IPO), French and Belgian Ring - were developed there as well.


Our local training club is Oxford IPO Working Dog Club, located in Woodstock, Ontario, and we are members of the Canadian Working Belgian Shepherd Association (CWBSA), the Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Canada (BSDCC), the German Shepherd Schutzhund Club of Canada (GSSCC), and the American Working Malinois Association (AWMA)


Michaela started the sport in Czech Republic with German Shepherds in the late 80s, while being a breed advisor for Newfoundland dogs for the Czech Kennel Club.


She trained Coca-Cola Betkin dvor, that she took to IPO 3 at 3.5 years old, placing 5th at the Canadian GSSCC Nationals (high obedience) and representing Canada at the FCI IPO World Championship in 2016.


She currently trains Expat's A'Pastis (IGP 3, IFH-V, IFH 1) and Expat's Birka (IGP 3, IFH-V), son and daughter of Coca-cola. 


Anthony spent most of his dog sport time focused on helper work, as a trial helper who worked several championships in Canada and France, as well as training club dogs and preparing them for competitions since 2003.

He was a National level helper (2007-2018) and Teaching Helper for the GSSCC, and certified IPO helper with the SCC in France (level 3 2014-2015).

He currently trains Dr Pepper Betkin dvor (IPO 3, IFH-V, competitor at FCI IPO 2018 and selected for FMBB IGP 2019, Agate vom Pawtuxunt Land (IPO 3, IFH-2, IGP-FH) and Dog John's Rafale (IGP 1).