Please read: If you are applying for one of our future puppies, you need to be currently involved in a dog sport such as IGP, French Ring, Mondioring or competitive AKC/CKC Obedience/Tracking/Agility/Herding/Scent detection and provide us with reference contacts of at least two actively competing members of your training group/club.


Expat's - planned - D Litter: Puppies expected end of September 2021 

Father: Iason du Domaine de Louxor, FR 3 (Espion des Crocs de Luvry X Cimba du Chemin des Lusitanes)
(import France)
HD A, ED 0, Spondy 0, full dentition, SDCA 1 & 2 N/N, Dilute - not carrier
- 2022 French Selectifs Candidate
- x4 Canadian R3 Champion
- over 20 R3 competitions in Canada, USA and France


Besides his multiple French Ring 3 high accomplishments, Ionn is a dog with an incredibly balanced character, high work ethics, powerful grips, great jumping skills and tops it with a very nice structure. At 8 years old, Ionn is actively competing at the highest French Ring 3 level. Ionn is the most successful French Ring dog in Canadian history, with over 20 Ring 3 competitions completed and winning Ring 3 competitions in France, Canada, and the United States.
He is the 4 time defending Canadian Ringsport Association and Canada Cup Ring 3 Champion.
He is currently in a qualifying position for the 2022 French Selectifs.

Mother: Expat's Birka, IGP 1 (Kaidén van 't Vinzenhof X Coca cola Betkin dvor)
HD A, ED 0, Spondy 0, full dentition, SDCA 1 & 2 N/N, Dilute - not carrier
BH, IGP 1 (96, 97,91)

Puppy application:


We do not sell pet homes.  

Because of many inquiries about our litters, we would like to clarify what homes may qualify for our puppies.

While a Malinois can also make a good house dog and companion, this is when it's also working, physically and mentally. That means it needs activity appropriate to its age, several times a day, and structured training as an outlet for its drives and working abilities. A strictly pet home that does not provide the working part of the equation does not produce a balanced working Malinois.

If you are thinking that since many Malinois make excellent sport, police or military dogs, it would make a perfect family pet as well, you are missing the important components that make such dogs excellent. What makes a Malinois a top working dog are its attributes, its drive, intelligence, energy, reactivity, character, possessiveness, resiliency, and athletic ability and these attributes can make a Malinois in the hands of someone who is not familiar with the breed a disaster in the making.

Malinois puppy will likely display instinctive behaviors that we are looking for in a working dog, such as chasing, biting, picking and carrying a variety of objects, intensity in physical interaction with others and dominance. While an impressive breed of dog, the Belgian Malinois requires commitment to time, training and patience from the handler and should not be added to the household without careful consideration.

A Malinois that does not have a daily outlet for its working energy/drives will quickly become bored/unhappy and will find things to do, which may include remodeling your house, landscaping your yard and re-arranging your furniture. Not to mention developing neurotic behaviors such as barking, biting parts of its body, constant pacing, etc.

Taking a puppy class at the local pet store is not going to be enough of a training outlet for your Malinois. If you are NOT already involved with dog sport, you should not get a Malinois. If you want a working Malinois, you need to plan to be involved in a competitive sport such as IGP and train not just weekly but during the week on your own plus socialization and other physical stimulations.


Litter pedigree: